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21st Century Insurance provides auto insurance coverage for drivers in 48 states, including Colorado. If you have been in a car accident recently, it may be that you have come into contact with 21st Century Insurance. If this is the case, you may need to file a claim with the company in order to seek compensation for your accident-related losses.

In some, but not all cases, a settlement offer may be sufficient to cover all of your expenses. However, it is much more likely that you have sustained injuries that are too extensive to be covered by 21st Century Insurance’s initial settlement offer. Even though many people believe this is where the process ends, this is not the case. You have other rights and options in this situation.

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Five Tips to Help You During the Negotiation Process

Below are five negotiation tips that may increase your personal injury settlement that auto insurance adjusters, like those at 21st Century Insurance, don’t want you to know. Claims adjusters are known to be tough negotiators, but by following these tips you may prove to be up to the task of fighting back.

1. Know your minimum settlement amount

Before discussing your claim with the insurance adjuster, figure out the minimum amount you would be willing to accept. This amount is for you only. Do not share this number with your insurance adjuster. By having this amount prepared it may help prevent you from making snap decisions.

2. Never accept the first injury settlement offer

It is well known that insurance adjusters will intentionally give out their lowest settlement offers first. This is a test to determine your confidence and knowledge of the process.

3. Demand explanation for low settlement

If the first offer is clearly too low, you should not lower your original demand. Instead ask them to justify their reasons for their initial figure. Remember these reasons as you continue on in the process.

4. NEVER reduce your settlement demand more than once

During negotiations the insurance adjuster will push you to lower your settlement amount. Never lower your figure more than once until the other party raises their own offer. If you keep lowering your amount your claim may appear weak, showing that you are not confident in your claim.

5. Be prepared

Insurance negotiations are stressful and a taxing course of action. Don’t let this discourage you, but instead come to the table prepared for what’s about to happen. Have evidence supporting your claim and reasoning for why you think you deserve your minimum settlement amount.


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