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Allstate is one of the largest insurance providers in the country, with over 16 million customers worldwide. It’s possible you may find yourself dealing with Allstate Insurance if you are in an accident.

Allstate has been in business since 1931. They own other insurance companies such as Esurance and Encompass. Allstate has decades of experience negotiating insurance claims. Filing a claim with Allstate and receiving a payout can be overwhelming, especially when you are inexperienced. Understanding the inner workings of Allstate can put you in good hands when filing a claim.

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Allstate Has Been Named “the Worst” Insurance Company

All insurance companies want to make money. They ensure profits by minimizing payouts for claims settlements. It is common for all insurance companies to lowball consumers when it presents initial payouts. However, Allstate is particularly difficult to deal with.

Allstate has been rated the worst insurance company by the American Association for Justice. The company showed a concerted effort to put profits over policyholders. In 2017, Allstate made $2.47 billion in profit. Allstate doesn’t make billions of dollars a year by giving everyone a generous payout.

Allstate uses a strategy known as Delay, Deny, and Defend. This strategy is used to encourage consumers to take a lower offer. Allstate will most likely lowball you with an offer that does not adequately cover the expenses from your accident.

If you don’t accept this offer, Allstate will drag out the negotiation process. It could even deny details of your accident, leaving you with no choice but to spend years in court waiting for money to pay your bills, or to accept a lower offer than you deserve. Looking at this strategy, it’s no wonder Allstate has been called “the worst.”


At Allstate, your claim may be decided by a computer. In the 1990s, Allstate began to use software known as Colossus to analyze claims. This program was created in another attempt by Allstate to reduce the amount of money it was paying out for insurance claims. Colossus is a massive claims database that uses data from past accident claims to calculate a payout range for your claim. The program contains around 600 injury codes that represent different kinds of personal injuries. Money is assigned for each “severity point” of the injury.

The problem with a calculation like this is that it does not adequately take into account the pain and suffering you may have endured from your accident. A computer does not know how an injury has impacted your life. While Colossus might calculate a range that covers some of your expenses, it will most likely not produce a figure that truly encompasses what you have endured. Colossus makes it even harder to get what you truly deserve after an accident.

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Negotiating with any insurance claims adjuster is hard, but with its Delay, Deny, and Defend strategy, as well as its payout minimizing software Colossus, Allstate may be one of the hardest companies to work with.

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