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American Family Insurance, or AmFam, is a private mutual company that primarily focuses on selling auto, property, and life insurance.

American Family Insurance is a Fortune 500 company, with revenues exceeding $6.5 billion. This is an important piece of information to remember. Like most insurance companies, American Family Insurance is in the insurance business to make a profit. To do this, the company pays less out on settlements than it receives in premiums.

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Filing an Auto Claim with American Family Insurance

Like most other insurance companies, AmFam streamlines the claim process, making it easy to file a claim. Claims can be filed by phone or online 24 hours a day. The AmFam customer care center can be reached at 800-692-6326.

Once your claim has been filed, an AmFam claims representative will contact you to go over your claim and discuss the next steps that may need to be taken.

Things to Remember when Dealing with AmFam

  1. Never admit fault
    • When dealing with an AmFam claims representative, anything you say will be recorded in an effort to fight your claim and undervalue the settlement that you may be offered. It is important to watch what you say, no matter how nice or helpful the person on the other end of the phone appears. Remember, you are dealing with an insurance company whose bottom line is making a profit.
  2. Stay confident
    • It is a common tactic for insurance companies to provide extremely low values on their initial settlement offer. You should view this number as a test. The claims representative is testing your own confidence in your claim. If you falter, they will have the upper hand throughout the duration of the negotiation process. Have the information you need to justify the number you are requesting, and don’t back down.
  3. Don’t let your guard down
    • Throughout the negotiation process AmFam claims representatives may employ several tactics to elicit statements from you that may undervalue your claim. Although they may be truly nice people, it is important to remember the purpose of their job. They are trying to acquire information in an effort to pay out as little as possible at the end of the process.
  4. Keep a record of everything
    • Keep every receipt, medical bill, repair estimate, and witness statement you receive. By keeping this information, you will be better prepared to justify your reasons for requesting your claim. By being prepared, you will earn the respect of the claims representative and they will approach the claims process in a completely different way.


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