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Almost all car accident victims have a common question: How long does a car accident injury settlement take? The reason for this question is obvious. Victims want to put the accident behind them and move on with their lives.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to answer this question with perfect accuracy, as there are a variety of different types of settlements with different timeframes. Every case is different, and depending on the seriousness and intricacy of the accident, the settlement could take months or years to settle.

While many victims of car accidents want to move as quickly through the process as possible, it may actually be beneficial to spend extra time on the case. This extra time can make a massive difference on the outcome and a victim’s recovery. Most claims can be settled quicker if you are willing to take less money. But that usually should not be your ultimate goal.

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Factors that Determine the Length of a Car Accident Injury Settlement

Not all cases are black and white. In fact, most cases are quite complex. They require patience and perseverance on your part to complete with the most equitable result. Some factors that may lengthen the timeframe of a car accident injury settlement are:

  • Your injuries: Your case may be delayed if you are still receiving medical treatment. If possible, you should wait until you are towards the end, if not totally completed, with medical treatment. This is because you want to accurately value your damages.
  • Insurance company cooperation: The insurance company will undoubtedly need time to review your claim, and this can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. In fact, in some cases the insurance company will deliberately take longer in hopes that you will become frustrated and take less money.
  • Legal proceedings: After the insurance company makes an offer or denies a claim, the victim must decide on what to do next. A claimant may appeal a denial, accept a claim offer, or reject it and either negotiate further or file a civil claim. If the claimant chooses to file a civil claim, the process is stretched out even further. Each stage of the legal process takes additional time to complete, from a discovery period to out-of-court negotiations and maybe even to trial itself.

What Happens If My Car Accident Injury Settlement Gets Seriously Delayed?

If you notice that your settlement is taking much longer than expected, it may be time to contact a personal injury lawyer. At the very least, your lawyer should be able to explain the delay and may actually be able to resolve it. Your lawyer may also be able to provide you with a variety of options to expedite the process and keep your claim at the front of the line at the insurance company.

Whether insurance companies admit it or not, they act differently when speaking to lawyers. Lawyers have been through this process before and know what to expect when speaking to insurance companies. Hiring a lawyer may be your best bet when figuring how to quickly receive your maximum settlement.


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