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GEICO is the second-largest auto insurer in the nation, providing insurance coverage to more than 14 million Americans. GEICO has become popular through its catchy commercials and advertisements and famous corporate mascot. But don’t let their comical marketing strategies fool you. Like any other insurance company, GEICO’s main goal is making money. Something they are very good at doing.

Like other insurance companies, GEICO makes money by selling insurance to customers and then paying less out in settlements than they receive through premiums. Remember this when you are dealing with insurance companies such as GEICO. GEICO and its representatives are beholden to their bottom line. This is why it’s important to enter the settlement process prepared and knowledgeable about what may happen.

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Filing an Auto Claim with GEICO

GEICO’s insurance claim process has certainly been streamlined in recent years. The GEICO insurance claim process can be completed over the phone or through their website or mobile app.

During the claims process GEICO will try to collect as much information as possible regarding the accident. They may look towards police reports, witness statements, photos from the scene, repair estimates, and, most importantly, anything you say.

Insurance companies like GEICO will do whatever it takes to acquire information that they can use against you in the future. No matter how friendly a representative may seem, they are always looking towards their bottom line and how much money they can make.

The First Offer

It may be argued that GEICO makes more lowball settlement offers than most other insurance companies. But for almost all insurance companies, first offers are likely to be unfair for those filing claims. This is why it’s important to come prepared.

Value your claim in advance and create your own bottom line for what you expect out of the negotiations. Although some offers, particularly in smaller cases, are not guaranteed to be unfair, it is extremely important that you do your research, come prepared, and consider the possibility of hiring an experienced attorney.

Consider Hiring an Attorney

It may be beneficial when filing your claim to hire an attorney to assist you throughout the process. Going over the specifics of your claim with an experienced attorney is a good way to know if you have correctly valued your claim. An experienced attorney can also assist in the negotiation process of your claim. They may be able to help you collect more than you felt you were entitled to and almost definitely more than what the insurance company offered you first.


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