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Any car accident is serious, but when you are pregnant, an accident is even more terrifying.

After a car crash, seeking medical attention should be a priority, regardless of the severity of the crash. Even fender benders can increase the risk of early labor, miscarriage, internal hemorrhaging, or other complications.

These extra visits to a doctor to monitor your pregnancy following the accident will have added costs. Speaking with a lawyer about your medical bills, damages, and potential compensation may help your peace of mind in what is already an emotional time.

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What Should I Do After a Car Accident?

Call the Authorities

Before leaving the accident, call the police. A police report will detail what happened based on both parties’ reports.

A police report will be evidence for your legal case and can be used when filing your claim with your insurance company.

Seek Medical Assistance

After the police report is completed, immediately see a doctor. Slamming on the brakes can potentially cause placental abruption, which can lead to serious problems including hemorrhage, miscarriage, or premature delivery.

In the emergency room, you’ll receive an obstetric exam and an ultrasound to check on the fetus and placenta. In addition to your initial appointment after the accident, your pregnancy may require additional appointments to ensure there are no developing complications.

Seeing a doctor is crucial for your and your child’s health. Not seeking medical attention can also be used against you by the other side in a lawsuit.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer

Following a car accident, you will likely have added costs from doctor’s visits, in addition to potential damage to your vehicle, pain and suffering, and even lost wages.

When you’re pregnant, it’s likely your damages and compensation for an accident will be higher, as you’ll have to pay for additional doctor’s visits to monitor potential developments in your pregnancy. An insurance company will attempt to give you the lowest amount of a settlement so it can make money. Hiring a lawyer can help ensure you receive the compensation you and your child deserve.

How Long Should I Wait to Bring a Claim?

It is usually best to wait until the pregnancy is completed before settling any legal claims. This allows you to know the full extent of the damages to yourself and your child, and to ensure that if your baby has a problem, you haven’t settled the claim for a lower amount.

Waiting to file a claim also allows you to focus fully on your child and the rest of your pregnancy. It’s important to keep in mind the statute of limitations when waiting to file a claim.

In Colorado, a party has three years to bring a claim for personal injury from a car accident. Because the statute of limitations is longer than pregnancy, waiting to bring a claim is recommended.

Get Help from Our Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Now

Waiting to finalize a settlement does not mean delaying getting legal help. After being injured in a car accident, speaking with an attorney may help you plan for the future.

The attorneys at Zinda Law Group have helped thousands of victims seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and property damage. We understand that during a pregnancy, you have many important things to be worried about. Paying for your medical bills following an accident shouldn’t be another one.

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