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If you or a loved one has recently been in a car accident, you may now be in the process of negotiating a car accident injury claim with Farmers Insurance. Farmers Insurance is worth billions of dollars, and like any profitable insurance company, it doesn’t give in to claimants’ demands easily.

Negotiating a settlement with any insurance company can be difficult, but negotiating with Farmers Insurance may be especially difficult. Farmers Insurance has experienced and skilled negotiators who will try to convince you to settle for an amount that does not cover the entirety of your damages. However, there are ways to put yourself in a better negotiating position so that you can feel confident when you either accept or reject an offer that Farmers Insurance makes.

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Starting Your Auto Claim with Farmers Insurance 

The first thing you should do is determine the value of your claim. Consider your damages, both current and future. Have you had medical treatment in the past for your injuries? Will you need medical treatment in the future because of your injuries? What damage was done to your property?

Other damages to consider include any lost wages or earning potential, and any pain and suffering you’ve experienced. It may be difficult to put a number on the pain and suffering you’ve gone through. However, most courts use pain and suffering as a multiplier for the damages. If you feel you’ve suffered greatly, choose a high number between 1 and 10 and multiply your total damages by it. If you feel your suffering was not as severe, choose a lower number. Most of us tend to overestimate the value of our pain and suffering, so err on the side of a lower number when choosing this value.

Once you have the value of your claim determined, send this number to Farmers Insurance. Be sure to include a detailed explanation for how you arrived at the figure provided. Having as much evidence as possible to back up the details you include in your claim can be useful while going through the negotiation process.

What Happens When I Receive an Offer? 

Farmers Insurance’s first offer will likely be a low amount. This is not necessarily because that is what your claim is worth, but they may believe that is what you are willing to accept. Ultimately, it is your decision whether to accept Farmers’ initial offer. However, it is important to know that the process of recovering for your damages need not end on the note of Farmers Insurance’s low offer.

Farmers Insurance is accustomed to interacting with individuals who do not know the legal recourse they have. Negotiating as an individual against top insurance negotiators may be challenging and intimidating. However, an experienced personal injury attorney might be able to use their negotiation experience to negotiate on your behalf.

If you decide to reject Farmers Insurance’s initial offer, be prepared for a lengthy back forth negotiation process. In 2006, Farmers was named one of the poorest performers in terms of paying off claims in 30 days or less, so the actual negotiation process could last for months. 

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