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Negotiating with Liberty Mutual Insurance after an accident is a challenging task for many policyholders. Like any other insurance company, they seek to protect themselves financially. That is why it is not a surprise that the claim adjusters seek to payout lesser settlements.

If you don’t know how to negotiate, you may end up with an inadequate offer by the time it’s over. To negotiate well and get the highest possible settlement for a personal injury claim, you must equip yourself with some tricks and techniques. Here are a few tips to negotiate with your Liberty Mutual insurance adjuster.

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Know the Worth of Your Claim

First, you must determine the value of your Liberty Mutual claim and inform the insurance agent. To determine the amount of compensation to seek, you need to add up all the expenses you incurred because of the accident.

The amount should include the medical costs, loss of wages, physical therapy, and other expenses. If you have any continuing medications or future medical expenses, you must include them too. Make sure you communicate these damages in a letter addressed to the company.

In case you don’t know the exact amount, contact an expert for help. Our injury attorneys can help you quantify your losses and seek compensation for them.

Don’t Have Many Expectations

Don’t develop too many expectations regarding your Liberty Mutual claim. It is possible that the insurance company will reject your initial settlement amount.

The company might also talk you in circles and eventually reject your application without allowing room for further negotiations. However, do not give up if the insurance company rejects your first offer. The company is just trying to make you agree to the lower settlement.

Reconsider the First Offer

Do not automatically agree to the first offer from Liberty Mutual. Most agencies use the first offer as a counter-strategy to bring down your initial amount.

Sometimes, a Liberty Mutual claims adjuster will use the first offer as a test to see whether you know what your injury claim is worth. It is wise to ask them how they arrived at the figure.

Describe How the Accident Affected You

You must be able to express yourself articulately to the Liberty Mutual claims adjuster so that they can know the seriousness of the matter. Bring up the facts and the circumstances of the accident that favor your claim.

Don’t dwell so much on the basics, because it is likely that the claims adjuster knows them. Tell him or her about the extent of your pain. Highlight the effects of the injury on your normal life.

For instance, a father who was the sole provider for the family that now cannot work. Make sure the Liberty Mutual claims adjuster knows all these circumstances. When present in a claim, these circumstances can be viewed favorably by the adjuster or the jury during trial.

Our Car Accident Attorneys Can Help with Your Liberty Mutual Claim

These tips can help you present your case favorably before Liberty Mutual agents. Since the Liberty Mutual claims adjuster has an interest in the company, he or she will make it hard for you to get what you deserve. Therefore, it is important that you prepare well to counter the challenges.

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