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Esurance Insurance is a subsidiary of Allstate. Together, the two are the fourth largest auto insurance company in the U.S. While Esurance’s website says that insurance doesn’t have to be hard, negotiating with Esurance in the wake of an accident can feel overwhelming.

Negotiating with any insurance company can be difficult. Esurance has experienced negotiators who have been trained to save the company money by limiting payouts. If you are filing a claim with Esurance, you should know what to expect. With a little research, you can put yourself in a better negotiating position.

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Expect to Painlessly File Your Claim

The easiest step in your claim recovery process is the first. You can file your claim online or by calling 1-800-378-7262.

You will need to provide information about the drivers involved, a description of the cars involved, the other drivers’ insurance company and policy number, and any photos of the damage you have taken.

Esurance allows you to upload photos of the damage to your vehicle for appraisal. After you have filed your claim, you should be contacted within 24 business hours.

Expect to Do Your Homework           

You should calculate the value of your claim. This number will represent the minimum amount of money you need to fully recover financially from the accident.

You should include your past, present, and future expenses, such as any medical bills, automobile damage, and lost wages from missed work because of your accident. If you have been seriously injured, you may want to include a calculation for your pain and suffering.

Add up all of the costs associated with your accident, and propose this number to Esurance for your settlement. 

Expect to Be Lowballed

Insurance companies want to make money. Therefore, they strive to minimize insurance payouts. You should expect your first offer from Esurance to be lower than you expected, but you do not need to accept this number. If you feel you deserve a larger payout to fully cover your expenses, you should begin negotiating. 

Expect to Stand Your Ground

If you decide to reject Esurance’s first offer, you will need to begin negotiating. Submit in writing your requested payout, and explain exactly how you arrived at that number. Provide any documentation to substantiate your request, such as doctors’ notes that describe the nature of the injury and the plan for your future recovery, police reports, and estimates for auto repairs.

Be careful not to say anything during the negotiation process that could potentially damage your case. Remain firm on what payout you need to be able to move forward.

If you feel like you are unable to move your Esurance claims adjuster closer to the payout you need, you may want to consider alternative legal options.

Let Our Boulder Injury Lawyers Handle Esurance

Negotiating with a claims adjuster can be difficult, especially following an emotionally charged accident. You do not need to go through this alone.

The attorneys at Zinda Law Group are ready to help you navigate the process. We have experience negotiating on many clients’ behalf with Esurance, and we will work to help you seek a fair resolution of your claim so you can put this accident behind you.

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