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Liberty Mutual is one of the largest insurance companies in the country. Liberty Mutual has been around for almost a century and is worth approximately $100 million. Liberty Mutual is such a popular company because it provides not only car insurance but also insurance policies covering homeowners, workers compensation, and general liability. Although it may have been true that Liberty Mutual was one of the more reasonable and honest insurance companies, as of late that has proven to no longer be the case.

Liberty Mutual has truly proven to have taken a turn for the worse. In recent years, they are slower in responding to insurance claims and have been proven to offer less reasonable settlements. Since the company has grown and bought other companies such as Safeco, its responsibility has shifted from its customers to instead maintaining its corporate profits by paying as little as they can on insurance claims.

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How to Handle Injury Claims with Liberty Mutual

Although every claim is different, there are some commonalities between several that are important to point out. One of the most important pieces of advice one can take regarding dealing with insurance companies is to be prepared. You should know how much you value your own claim before taking that claim to an insurance company, especially one as large as Liberty Mutual.

When dealing with the claims adjuster, you should have evidence and justifications supporting your claim, as they themselves will come prepared to counter your value at every turn. You need to be able to show the claims adjuster that you are serious and therefore they should show you the respect you deserve by settling your claim for a fair and reasonable amount.

Below are some tips that may prove useful when dealing with Liberty Mutual:

Have a minimum settlement value you are willing to accept.

If you are confident in your claim and have the evidence and documentation to support your claim, Liberty Mutual will have no other choice but to treat you sincerely and with respect. By having a minimum number you are willing to accept, this will prevent you from undermining your strategy and making a rash decision in an effort to complete the process as soon as possible.

Do not always take the first offer.

Insurance companies are notorious for low-balling those who file claims on the first offer. Do not fall for this common trick. You should see this first offer as a test of your resolve. The insurance adjuster is simply trying to see how confident you are in your own case and whether or not you are willing and ready to negotiate. If you receive such an effort, it may prove beneficial to ask the claims adjuster to justify the reasoning behind giving such a number.

Consider contacting an experienced attorney.

Insurance adjusters are experienced negotiators and are used to dealing with customers who are not. Instead you should consult an attorney who is experienced in the process to level the playing field. This may prove beneficial in the long run as lawyers tend to receive larger settlements than someone negotiating their own claim.


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