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If you have recently been injured in an accident, you may be thinking of filing an accident claim with Nationwide Insurance. Dealing with Nationwide in order to get the necessary compensation to take care of your injury expenses may be difficult, as it has incredibly skilled negotiators that will try to convince you to accept a low offer.

The process Nationwide implements requires individuals to provide a lot of information to the company, without receiving much in return. Further, Nationwide may tell you that it is concerned about your well-being, only to offer you a low amount that is intended to protect its bottom line.

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What Happens After I File a Claim?

Once you file a report, a Nationwide adjuster will review it. They will ask for certain facts about your claim, including the extent of damages. The adjuster will then determine the value of your claim based on the facts that they have. The more evidence you have about the damage that was done to either you or your property, the more likely Nationwide is to treat your claim as valid.

Nationwide also might delay offering you an estimate on the amount your claim is worth. While Nationwide is delaying, you may accumulate further expenses. For example, you may need further treatment for your injuries, or your car may need more repairs.

Insurance companies like Nationwide do not make these delays without calculation. Nationwide knows that the longer it waits to offer money to an accident victim, the more likely that individual is to be desperate for money, and the more likely that individual is to accept a low amount.

What Happens When I Receive an Offer? 

Nationwide’s response to you will be a first offer that will almost certainly not encompass the entirety of your expenses, but will likely be a tempting amount. The question that you will have to ask yourself is whether a definite, small amount now is worth more to you than a possible, larger amount later. Only you can answer this question, and there are valid reasons for choosing either option.

However, be sure to consider all of your needs when coming to this decision. Injuries stemming from accidents can require years of medical treatment, and some injuries may not even present themselves until years after the accident.

If you decide to reject Nationwide Insurance’s initial offer, be prepared for a lengthy back and forth negotiation process. Nationwide Insurance has skilled negotiators, and the company depends on those negotiators to make sure that enough insurance claimants back down to keep its profits high. 

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