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It’s a time-honored rite of passage for American teenagers across the nation: the day they are able to drive a car for the first time without a parent being in the car. While some teens approach this momentous occasion responsibly, others are not as mature and see their newfound freedom as an effort to impress their friends. A teen’s youth and inexperience behind the wheel already make them more likely to be involved in a automobile accident, and this risk can increase dramatically if the teenager:

  • Texts while driving or diverts their attention away from the road–even for a few seconds;
  • Drives while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (even prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs can cause a teenager to become dangerously impaired);
  • Speeds or drives aggressively in traffic;
  • Disregards stop signs or traffic control devices; or
  • Engages in any other type of careless or reckless conduct.

Parents May Be Responsible for Reckless Teenage Conduct

Even though parents cannot be present in the car every time their teen gets behind the wheel, there may be situations in which a parent is nonetheless held civilly liable for injuries their child causes in a auto accident. For example:

  • A parent may be found negligent and held responsible for a car crash caused by their teenager if the parent knew the teen was not licensed to drive but permitted the teen to drive anyway. Additionally, parents may be held responsible for an auto accident if they fail to take reasonable steps to prevent the teen from gaining unauthorized access to the car.
  • Parents may also be found negligent and responsible for the injuries their teen causes in an auto accident if they know the teen is under the influence of drugs or alcohol yet they permit the teen to drive or they fail to take reasonable steps to prevent the teen from driving.
  • Parents may be responsible for a car crash caused by their teen if the teen was permitted to drive in conditions the parent knew or should have known exceeded the teen’s capabilities or if the teen was permitted to drive a car that was not in good repair.

Determining if the parents of a teenage driver are responsible for injuries to you or a loved one is no easy task. Whether you can file a lawsuit for compensation–and, if so, in what amounts and against whom–will depend on the unique and specific facts and circumstances of your case. To complicate matters, the statutes of limitations in many states do not afford you a great deal of time to identify the parties responsible for your auto accident injuries and file suit against them. With the assistance and counsel of an experienced car accident attorney like those at Zinda Law Group, however, you can leave these important considerations to a professional with years of experience assisting individuals just like you while you focus on your recovery.

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