Uber Car Accidents: How Are They Different From Normal Wrecks? | Boulder Injury Lawyers

Rideshare companies, such as Uber, have become a popular transportation option in the Boulder area. As the number of rideshare drivers increases, it is natural to expect that these drivers may become involved in accidents. If you were an Uber passenger and involved in an accident, you may wonder who is responsible for covering any medical or other expenses that you might incur as a result of the accident.

In general, an accident involving an Uber vehicle is treated as if it were any other auto wreck. The investigating officer will examine the accident scene, interview the drivers, passengers, and witnesses. The officer will then complete an accident report and, if necessary, issue traffic citations. If you are able, you should get as much information regarding both drivers’ insurance coverage and a copy of the accident report when it is completed.

Dealing with Insurance Companies and Insurance Adjusters

If you were an Uber passenger and injured in an accident, you could be covered by Uber’s commercial liability insurance. This insurance could cover your medical expenses and other losses up to the policy’s limit of $1 million if the Uber driver was at fault in the accident or if the other driver was uninsured or underinsured. If another driver was at fault, his or her insurance will usually be responsible for your injuries. Any shortfalls in insurance coverage might be covered by Uber, but sometimes this will be a point of disagreement between the insurance carriers.

After an accident, an insurance company will assign an adjuster to handle the details of any claims you might file. Despite what adjusters may tell you, you must remember that the adjuster has only one goal: to reduce the amount of money his or her employer will have to spend to settle your claim. This is why we recommend that anyone injured in an accident involving an Uber vehicle should meet with one of our Uber accident lawyers as soon as possible after the accident.

Why You Need an Uber Injury Lawyer After a Rideshare Accident

Insurance companies know that if they can settle a claim in the first few months after an accident, they could potentially save money. Therefore, insurance adjusters will offer you what appears to be a generous settlement after only one or two meetings. In most cases, the amount of the settlement will be only a fraction of what your claim is potentially worth.

If our rideshare personal injury lawyers take over the management of your case, they will seek a full and fair settlement of your injury claim rather than just what an insurance company thinks is fair. Our Uber accident personal injury lawyers are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and their adjusters and know how to make them pay for your injuries and any wages or earnings that you might have lost due to your accident. Click here or call 720-545-2689 for a free attorney consultation.